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SP2 1975 of Armand Botha, South Africa

This white SP2 is probably the only copy rotating in South Africa now. Your owner, Armand Botha, says that he bought the car on April 12, 2000, of a pilot that would have bought the car in Nigeria or in Brazil, and imported by Kinshasa (Zaire).

After the purchase of the car, Armand just made basic maintenance. For the pictures SP2 seems to be in very good state.

See the original text written by Armand:


Tecnical Record
Owner Armand Botha
City/State South Africa
Buy in
april / 2000
Year 1975
Color White
License Plate ----
Chassis BL008256

Hi! I have what I believe to be the only SP2 in SA engine no BL008246 and chassis BL 0008256 (1975). I will send a photo when available. I have a photo copy of a manual which seems to be written in french (not complete). Maybe car was originally exported to Nigeria. I would like to find some spares especially rear bumpers! Some people say that 412 lights and windscreen is the same this is not true i can confirm because I own an

example of each although the 411 was sold to finance the SP2.

I do not have too much information about my car except that it was bought by a pilot and imported to South Africa. I do not know whether he bought it in Nigeria or Brazil. I know that the car was imported through Kinshasa (Zaire). I bought it 12/4/2000 and have only given it a major service. I hope you can open them. Thank you!

Botha, Armand

AWBotha@anglogold.com Africa do Sul.

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